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Swarm of Bees

Welcome to Sweet Harmony Apiaries

Where it's always best to B♮

Sweet Harmony Apiaries is a family business in Georgia. We believe in treatment free beekeeping and therefore do not use any chemicals in our hives.

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Our Logo

We're a family of musicians who also became fascinated with honeybees, hence the word "harmony" in our title. That word also symbolizes the idea that man should live in harmony within the ecosystem - a system in which the honeybee is a cornerstone.

The bee's wings in our logo are made of a bass and treble clef oriented in the shape of a heart. The symbol at the end of our slogan is natural sign; a music notation that means to play the note in it's "natural" state as opposed to being lowered or raised a half step.

As far as "sweet," well, "what is sweeter than honey?" 

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